Saturday, July 9, 2016

The busy week

This week was a highly productive one for the superway modeling team. The south campus model was finished over the weekend, All of the necessary houses were created, and Shadow analysis was performed. Now just the presentation material needs to get ready, and much of the work will be completed

An example of the Superway model

An example of the shadow analysis on the stadium

Friday, July 1, 2016

Design team charter

Week 5: Big changes

This week has been an emotional roller-coaster for the modeling team. Everything kicked off when Konrad Rahill had to leave the group for educational reasons. Then our contact with the data went dark on us. Right when it seemed that all hope was lost, the Swedes were able to get their hands on some terrain data, generate a model, and get everything organized! Work has now just started on creating the route model. Isaac Gendler has been assigned to create the guideway and perform shadow analysis, and Jie Guo has been assigned to create houses with the Swedish team. The estimated completion time should be next friday (if everything goes smoothly). We will be using the Civil team route for our model, (picture on the bottom), and we are all excited for the future.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Week 4

This week was a relaxed one, as we are still waiting for the Swedes to give us the terrain data. This week, Konrad and Isaac made a model of the SJSU international house (as requested by Caroline Lindsrom), and Jie Guo made a model of the house that she currently inhabits. We have also completed the team charter (thanks to Konrad Rahill) and  made our first weekly presentation

SJSU international house + model

Jie's house
屏幕快照 2016-06-21 4.30.01 PM.png屏幕快照 2016-06-24 10.26.11 AM.png

First presentation 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Week 3

This week was a simple start but a great start. We have all finished our virtual copies of the houses, and Isaac and Jie were given further training by the Swedes on Saturday. In the next week, the Swedes should have our virtual terrain generated, and we will be able to start building in Encintra

A picture of the complete houses:

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekly Team Proposals: Date 06/13/2016

Weekly Team Proposals: Date 06/13/2016

Team Name:  Modeling

Main proposal: To create the south campus route in Encitra Modeling

1.         I. For the following week, these are the  tasks the Modeling Team will be working on:
      1. 3D Modeling Software – Encitra - Training   (By  06/14 in the morning)
      2. Track Simulations and House Sketches (By 06/14 in the night)
      3. Modeling the facility (By 06/15)
      4. South Campus Route (By 06/16)
      5. Research Paper (By 07/11)

2.                 Sketches / drawings / calculations:

)                   Calculation of Passenger Comfort:

3.            II.  Budget: Basically the Modeling Team doesn’t need any equipment or material because they work with their computers at most of the time. What they need  for now are food (they mentioned coffee and tea),  one more outlet and bathroom stuff.

Team Member 1: Konrad Rahill
1.                    Pertinent Skills: Solid Works, Building things, Traffic management
2.                    Responsibilities: Intersections along the track, Test limits of the design, Passenger comfort  

Team Member 2: Isaac
1.                   Pertinent Skills: Autocad and Creo, Excellent Communicator, Good leader, Good organization             skills
2.                   Responsibilities: Keeping everyone on track, Write the research paper, Helping to create the South Campus Route

Team Member 3: Jie
1.                   Pertinent Skills: Vaste experience working with Mapping  Software, Practical and Theoritical             knowledge
2.                   Responsibilities: Helping to build the South Campus model, Guiding us building the model                 because she designed the route